Hell's Elves

Follow the trail of broken toys...

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Custom made coffins and gothica. Original sculptures by Nikki. Woodworks by Bullet. Please email us to request a custom creation.

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CD Coffins
These are hand-built of pine, hand-painted and stained in 
either Bloodrust or Urn Ash colors, measure 
approximately 25 inches high, 14 1/2 inches at the 
widest point, and 6 1/2 inches deep with lids hinged in two 
parts which open outward and will hold about 65 CDs.
Coffin Lid Wall Plaque
These are miniature coffin lids which can be 
hung on your wall, like paintings but more unique
 and interesting. Approximately 30 1/2 inches high by 15
 inches wide. Built of pine with bat or skull ornaments
 cast in resin from Nikki's original sculptures.
Hand-built of pine, hand-painted and stained. 
Measuring about 50 inches high, 21 1/2 inches at the 
widest point, and 12 1/2 inches deep. Lids are
 inset, not hinged, to fit precisely in place. Each coffin
includes three removable drop-shelves. Choice of
lid ornaments includes Bat, Skull, Cross, or 
Skull and Bones.
This will get you goth-points like nothing else can!
Standing upright it makes a fine shelf for tomes of dark poetry,
skulls or absinthe bottles. Laid on it's back it's ideal as a  
couch-front table to rest your booted feet upon whilst reposing
with a goblet of your favorite merlot or arterialy drained
libation. And plenty of room inside for the ashes of several

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